2007 access to a 2003 database




I have a database in 2003 that has user-level security. This database is
located on a server and 7 people have access to it. One of these people has
Access 2007. When they try and open the database they are told that they do
not have "Open/Run permission" for the form that is opened with the Startup.
Also, they are not asked to give a username or password when Access is opened.

Once I gave them permission in the 2003 version of the database to open the
form, that appears but nothing else works.

Anybody have any ideas how this database can be opened and used in 2007 but
remain a 2003 file???



First the security faq that you recommended is for Access 2000 and my files
are 2003.

I would rather not split the database into front end and back end if at all
possible. The reason that the database is secured was to lessen the
possibility of problems and corruption while sharing the db file.

I really just need to get the 2007 user able to open and run the reports
that are located in this database. That Access opens logged in as Admin
automatically but is not given the same permissions as the 2003 Admin.

Thanks but I still am looking for help.

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