database is placed in a state in access 2007



Hi I have a shared database with 5 people that was working well with Access
2003. When we switched to Access 2007, the below error was encountered by the
third person who was trying to log in using Access 2007. At that point, 2
people were using Access 2007 and 2 others Access 2003 sharing the same
database. For the third person to log in, one of the users (X) had to log off
and let the third person log in. After the third person logged in, user (X)
was able to log in. Can anyone help me why the below error might be coming
up? Thanks!

The database has been placed in a state by user "Admin" on machine "X" that
prevents it from being opened or locked.

Tom van Stiphout

On Tue, 22 Sep 2009 13:48:07 -0700, Tsega

"Using the same database"?
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you give each user their own copy of the
(front-end of the) database, all connecting to the same back-end. This
is the #1 FAQ so you should have no trouble finding relevant resources
online. Keywords: split access database
Also check out Tony Toews Updater utility. Also easy to find via

Microsoft Access MVP

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