Access 2007 security and the Access 2003 system.mdw file



I have several Access 2003 databases with database and user and group level
security in place. From what I have read Access 2007 should be able to work
with these databases in their native 2003 format. Yet when I attempt open
these databases I receive the error - "You do not have the necessary
permissions to use the <name> object. Have your system administrator or the
person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you.
(Error 3033)" My System.mdw file from Access 2003 is on a network share and
all installations of Access 2003 were forced to use it by group policy. I
have made sure that Access 2007 has the locations of the workgroup file and
the databases added to the trusted locations area although my understanding
on the workgroup file is that Access 2007 does not use it but does emmulate
the functionality. Any help would be appreciated.

Joan Wild

Is the 'system.mdw file from Access 2003' actually the secure mdw?

You need to make the secure mdw available to users and then give them a
desktop shortcut to start the database.

"path to 2007 msaccess.exe" "path to mdb" /wrkgrp "path to secure mdw"

Joan Wild
MS Access MVP


I'm getting that same error when I import a SharePoint list. I have full
control of the list, and I'm getting it on one list out of 3 on the same
site. Any ideas?

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