Remove Access Security


Stacey Crowhurst

Hi. I am in the process of trying to remove the security settings I created
with the wizard for my database many months ago. Searching the discussion
board, I found these handy instructions from an MVP:
You can remove security (from within Access 2003) by:

1. First, log in as a member of the Admins Group, or as the owner of the

2. Grant full permissions to every object, including the database object
itself, to the Users Group.

3. Close the database and the Access application.

4. Use the workgroup administrator (which should be at: C:\
Windows\System32\Wrkgadm.exe) to make sure you are joined to the
system.mdw that ships with Access. (which should be at: C:\

5. Reopen Access after joining the changed system.mdw and create a new

6. Import everything from your old database into the new, unsecured one.

7. That's it, now copy that database to Access 2007.
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP

I did fine up until step #7. Then I got this message: "You don't have
permission to copy tblBudgets". I switched back to the mdw file with the
security info on it and rechecked that I had granted full permissions to the
user group, which I had. Then I switched back to the default mdw file to try
again and got the same message.

Also, when attached to the default mdw file I can open up the database
without login or password (yay!) but cannot do anything (boo!). I get this
message "Could not read definitions; no read definition permissions for table
or query ‘tblBudget’". When I switch back to the mdw file with the security
info on it I can function as normal.

Lastly, I did a file search for mdw files on my computer and it found 25 of
them. It appears that each user in my department has an mdw file at
C:\Documents and Settings\xxUSERNAMExx\Application Data\Microsoft\Access. Is
there a specific default mdw file I should use?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :D

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

It appears as though you have corrupted the new file. Delete it and start

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