error opening Accesses: Cannot find system.mdw


A Beach

I am using Access 2007 on Server 2003 Standard Edition R2 with SP2. The
computer is not part of an AD domain.

When attempting to open or create a new database I get the error message:

“Microsoft Office Access couldn’t find the file ‘c:\Documents and
settings\dataqc.MYWX-FITMET02\Application Data\Microsoft\Access\System.mdw.
This file is require for startupâ€

The error message increments system.mdw by one with each attempt to open or
make a new database, for example, system1.mdw, system2.mdw.

The user is in the administrators group and the files do exist in the path
specified in the error message.

I made a new user with admin rights and was able to open databases and make
new databases without the error.

If I attempt to open a database file and specify the /wrkgrp switch to the
path of another user's system.mdw file who an open the database I get the
following message:

"The database cannot be opened because the VBA Project contained in it
cannot be read."

Since other users can open and make new databases it seems there is
something wrong with the way Access is opening for this user. Can anyone
offer any insight or suggestions to repair this problem for the user?

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