Users in Access 2007


Will Fleenor

I understand that Access 2007 no longer supports user level security and
that converting an earlier version of access with this secruity will remove
the user level security.

I have been working with the Northwind 2007 sample database which is in the
new Access 2007 database format. When I open the database it asks for a
login and provides a list of usernames to select from.

Question: If Access 2007 databases do not support user level security why
am I getting a login screen with multiple users to choose from when I open
the Northwind 2007.accdb file? Can you set up users with different
passwords in Access 2007?

Thanks, will

Will Fleenor

I found the answer. There is an autoexec macro that asks for user login
when you open the database. Apparently this macro is used to capture user
information that is used in some way in the database.
Thanks, Will


07 allows user level security if it is an original mdb file

if it is the new 07 accdb file format - this does not have user level security

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