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I have to create a database using access 2003 that will house
sensitive info.
The database will be used for my own use only on a local disk or USB
flash drive.

How secure is the tools-->security-->set password technique?

What if I open with access 2007?

Any insight will be grateful.

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Unfortunately, passwords, unless they are strong passphrases are not all
that secure. That goes for everything, not just Access. For my really
secure information, I use TrueCrypt to encrypt my data, and a huge
passphrase (an entire sentence) to protect it. I email files using WinZip
256 bit encryption and a very long passphrase..

The Yankees Stat Zone

Thanks for your insight, I do use trucrypt.
I just wanted to know if access 2003 passwords are easily crackable as
excel 2003?


As far as opening a 2003 db with 2007, back up the db first, I have seen many
people trash their db by opening it up with a version other than the one that
created it...

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