Cannot unset the db password


Margaret Bartley

I'm opening an Access 2000 format db in Access 2003.

I'm working on this database on my own machine now, and don't need the
password any longer.

The database opens fine with the password, but I can't unset it.

When I click on Tools | Security | Unset database password, I get the
following message:

"You need to have the database open for exclulsive use to set or unset the
database password.

To open the database exclusively, close the database, and then reopen it
using the Open command on the File menu. In the Open dialog box, click the
arrow to the right of the Open button, and then choose Open Exclusive."

The default for my machine is Open Exclusive. It is set in the Tools |
Options dialog box.

I follow the directions in the message. When I click on the arrow in the
Open dialog box, the Open Exclusive is already checked.

I enter the password, the database opens, but I cannot unset the password,

For some reason, Access doesn't understand that this db is opened
exclusively? Or perhaps that is a bad error message, and there is something
else wrong?


Try the following,

Create a new blank database and import all objects from your database.


Ο χÏήστης "Margaret Bartley" έγγÏαψε:

a a r o n _ k e m p f

Yes, I know what it's all about.

Access is too flaky for real world usage.. Move to SQL Server.


OK, good to know.  Seems weird, though.  Do you know what that's about?

Chris O'C via said:
That's not a reliable way to open the db exclusively.  Make a Windows
shortcut that uses the /excl command line switch with the full path to
msaccess.exe and the full path to your db.  Syntax for the shortcut's
(all one line):
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\msaccess.exe" "C:\db1.mdb"
Open the db with the shortcut and then unset your db password.
Microsoft MVP

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