Unsecuring my Secured DB




I use MDBSecure to secure my databases. I works well and is pretty easy.

Here is my problem. When we do debugging etc of our code that uses our
secured database, we sometimes need to remove all the restrictions on the DB
and reset the DB to a DB that uses the system.mdw file and is a regular
access database as if no permissions had been set. i.e. anybody can just
double click on the file and open it up in access, without all that password

This unlocking is a real pain. I have to go to the security tab and select,
for every user, and every group, all the tables, all the queries, all the
reports, etc and unset the permissions. This is a multi-step process and
takes a lot of time.

Is there some way (or utility) such that when I log into my database (so the
DB and its security mdw file verifies that I have permissions to unset the
permissions) that I can somehow just globally, with a button click just
reset everything to "open". i.e. reset it to the standard out of the box
Access admin permissions so the database can be opened with the system mdw
and without any password having to be entered?



No utility required -- just a different way of looking at the
application design.

Is your database split? Often it is sufficient to secure the backend
and distribute the frontend as MDE, thus eliminating the need for
security on all reports, forms, etc.

As for the backend, if you apply or deny all permissions to the Users
group, you are effectively securing or unsecuring the data. Pretty
quick to select all the tables and change the permissions for the
Users group.


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