Access 2003- Password to modify



I've created a database and I'm trying to add a little bit of security to
it. Right now I have it set up so that a password is required to open the
database. What I'm trying to figure out is whether there's a way to make it
so that anyone can open the database as read-only, but a password is required
to open it with full access and edit it. Any information I've found seems
more complex than I need. Does anyone know if Access 2003 has an equivalent
to Excel's "password to modify" option?

Graham Wideman [Visio MVP]

.... and though this message is a bit late for you, yes you can. This is a
scenario I use a great deal. It allows data to be entered only through a
particular application, but allows the data to be readily viewed using
plain-old Access (eg: using linked tables) by anyone without fear that
they'll accidentally mess up the data.

This article may help you:

-- Graham

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