Password Protect to Modify / Read-Only



By all accounts, I'm a novice at Access. However, with self-training and
books I've been able to build a database with very simple forms, tables,
queries, macros, etc. I maintain data in the database on a daily basis...
constantly modifying and adding new records. At the same time, I have a
group that needs REVIEWER ONLY access to the database. I've been given lots
of advice on how to proceed with permissions. First, I set-up a password
protected database but I couldn't modify (specifically, add new records) if
anyone else was in reviewing. Second and is my current situation, I press
and hold the Shift key when opening to bypass the menu I set-up for the
reviewers. It automatically takes me into Edit mode. However, someone else
has figured out my Shift key trick and is modifying. Bottom line is this: I
need to have full permissions daily (to manipulate, modify, add, delete)
while at the same time giving a group of ~6 read-only permissions but with
the option to manipulate the data (i.e. switch from Form to Datasheet, etc)
just not saving their changes. I've seen an Access database that allows it
but have not been able to mimic the permissions myself nor can I find anyone
that can tell me how. Help, please!

Joan Wild

Since you have only two groups of users (reviewers and you), you can implement security such that they won't need to login.

Start by making a backup of your mdb - practice implementing security on a copy of your mdb.

See for information on how to implement security without the login.

Your users will be able to use the database and be restricted to the permissions you set on the Users Group. When you want to use the database, you'll need to create and use a desktop shortcut which specifies the secure workgroup to use. You'll need to login, but you'll have full access to everything.

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