Best Security Option to access Read Only Form



I need to distribute one form to groups outside of my department. This is a
read only form to be used by our sales group to query the signature status of
their customer contracts. I don't want to work with groups and user
permissions. Is there a way to place one form only on a shared drive so that
they only have access to that one form and not the entire database? The
contracts / legal group will have access to the entire database.


Joan Wild

You could create a separate database containing links to the needed
tables, and the one form in it - set the form's properties to disallow
edits/deletes. Set the startup form (Tools, startup) to this form.
While in startup, uncheck the built-in menus, don't show the database
window, etc.

Joan Wild


Thank you Joan. This is simple and what I needed while I'm figuring out how
to place this query tool on our Intranet as a DAP.


I modified the startup features to remove access to database window, menus,
etc. Now I can't go back and modify my form. I've seen other postings and
resolutions regarding this subject, and most say to go to Tools/Options
however I do not have the Tools menu when my form opens. Any ideas how to
reverse my startup features? Thanks.

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