ULS Update/Delete Permissions not working



So I have my database secured using the User-Level Security and have gone
through all the appropriate steps in order to secure it properly (Remove
Admin from User group, No permissions for User group, etc.). For one of my
groups I want to be able to enter data into forms but not be able to delete
any. From what I understand all 4 permissions (read,update,insert,delete)
effect the information in the tables/queries. When I set the group to
read-only everything works properly but when I add the Update permission the
user is allowed to delete data in form and in the tables. Why is this
happening? From the definition of the Update permission "View and modify, but
not insert or delete, data in tables and queries." My database is split. Does
it only mean delete the actual table?

Thanks so much!

Joan Wild

When you add the update permission, you say they are allowed to delete
data, but I think you mean they can delete data in an existing record -
because that is really editing - i.e. editing a current value to null or

Delete permission, in ULS context, refers to deleting an entire record.
- With only update permission, they shouldn't be able to do this.

Joan Wild
MS Access MVP


So the only way to actually keep a user from deleting field data is by
read-only permissions correct? Because deleting the data in each field on a
form is the exact same as deleting the entire record. :)

Joan Wild

That would depend on whether any fields are required (usually there are

Joan Wild
MS Access MVP

David W. Fenton

deleting the data in each field on a
form is the exact same as deleting the entire record.

From the user's point of view, yes.

But in reality, not at all, as the record is still there. Empty
fields are just data to Access/Jet, and it doesn't care whether it's
correct or not. To insure that only correct data is allowed, you
have to have appropriate validation rules on your fields (like Not
Null or setting the fields to Required = True) and use appropriate
user interface controls to restrict entry to appropriate values.


I would appreciate it if you could help me out. I inherited a database that
has user permissions set-up throughout. I don't have access to the Admin or
Administrator password or rights. I am a user, but want to free up all
access rights. Is there anything I can do to have total control of this


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