Do Table Permissions Override Query permissions?



I administer a database in which the permissions have been "messed up"
by another administrator. I need to reset the permissions for all
objects in the database, but there are so many user created queries
this is a daunting task.

The user group level permissions have been properly applied to the
backend tables, but there are so many user created queries that
reassigning permissions on these objects is a daunting task.

If I give all user groups read/write/edit/delete access to all
queries, will the permissions set on the tables in the back-end
override the queries (and keep users out of data they shouldn't be

thanks so much for assistance!

Joan Wild

Yes, they will be stopped by the permissions set on the tables. The exception would be if any of those queries are set to RWOP (run with owner permissions). In this case, their permissions on the backend tables won't matter, it's the query owner's permissions on the underlying tables that determine what will happen.

Tread carefully.

Yes, and carry a big stick... aimed at the head of my co-
administrator. ;-)

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