Database will not open in 2003 while 2007 has it open


Nicholas Alexander

We have 8 computers that access the same database on our server that are all
access 2003. The database itself was create in 2003. When one computer that
is running Access 2007 opens the database no one else can open the database.

When a 2007 client doesn't have it open all the other 2003 clients can open
it up at the same time. I believe that their is a security setting I am
missing, any help would greatly be appreciated.

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

You need to split your database. The front-end with the objects should be on
EACH workstation, linked to the data on the server. There is a wizard to
help you:

Tools >>> Database Utilities >>> Database Splitter

Not splitting your database will eventually cause corruption.

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