Yet another 16650 SAM issue...



I have a domain controller that I just stood up, a W2K SP4 DC. The
domain is mixed 2000/2003 DC's, and the RID, PDC, and Infrastructure
DC's are all 2K3 servers. Once DCPROMO is finished promoting the 2000
DC, everything works EXCEPT the SAM, which gives a constant 16650
error. There are no issues with the other DC's in the domain (I work
for the American Red Cross - huge network), and I have run dcdiag on
both the RID master and on the offending server.
I executed dcdiag /test:ridManager /v in the problematic ADC. It says
the following

* DsBind with RID Master was successful
* rIDAllocationPool is 63963600 to 63964099
No rids allocated -- please check eventlog.

My RID master which is also one of my DC's has the following results
for the
same test"

* Available RID Pool for the Domain is 64010100 to 1073741823
* DsBind with RID Master was successful
* rIDAllocationPool is 278600 to 279099
* rIDPreviousAllocationPool is 278600 to 279099
* rIDNextRID: 278759

I know I have searched for the last week on everything I could find,
and this appears to be a fairly common issue with mixed 2k/2k3 domains.
I'm also sure that someone has finally figured out how to fix this
issue, and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I
have demoted, promoted, demoted, removed from the domain, renamed,
rejoined, renamed again and then run DCPROMO, still the same results.
I'm out of options, and my manager is breathing fire down my neck.

The RID master has been up for a couple of years, and no other DC's are
having an issue.

Any help or guidance you can give in this is greatly appreciated!

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