EventID 16650



I have a client that has encountered a EventID 16650 error. The scenario is:

2 DC's, Win2K on both. The first DC only was created for logons the second
holds VPN connections firewall etc.

The user states that he can no longer add anyone to the domain and that he:

1. Did not add any new software
2. Make any changes to the server
3. Did a DCPROMO to try and drop both servers back to servers. This failed
to finish
4. Tried to replicate but that fails.
5. Did an AD authoritative restore but that made things worse.

He is still receiving an IP address and shows up in DNS correctly.

This seems like a problem with the RID master and replication. But, is
there any info that would show the complete process of seizing RID control or
any suggestions to bring AD back to working order?


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