rIDPreviousAllocationPool problem




In a test environment with a single Domain Controller, I did an
authoritative restore on an OU object. (I realise there was no peer
replication partner for the domain partition - I was mertely verifying
the syntax).

The problem I now get is that I cannot create new security principals
because of no RIDs. Using DCDiag, I find that the problem has to do
with the rIDPreviousAllocationPool value. Then using LDP.exe at
cn=Rid Set,cn=domain controller,ou=domain controllers,dc=domainname,
dc=domainsuffix, I find that the rIDNextRID is 0, the
rIDPreviousAllocationPool is 0, and the rIDUsedPool is 0.

If I use the Large Integer Converter on the rIDAllocationPool value
15470472203295 it generates High Part 3602 and Low Part 3103. I
should be able to use 3103 as the rIDNextRID in a new pool shouldn't
I? But how do I go about doing that?

I noticed an earlier post with RID problems where the solution was to
demote/promote, however, since this is the only DC in the domain this
is not possible. This is only a test server, so it's not at all
critical. But does anyone know if it's possible to re=generate these
values. If so, how?

Best regards,


Please disregard this post, I made an error - I did in fact have a
replica DC in the domain, so I was able to solve the problem by
seizing the RID Master role to that DC.


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