XP SP3 update => Access denied !!



I would like to share my experience while updating to SP3 thru Windows
I got this "Access denied" problem.
But I was able to solve it.
This is how I did it.

Update was smooth, but I got "Access denied" error message while updating
registries. I had no option but terminate installation of SP3.

I googled what is causing problem. and I found this

This problem was for SP2. But it was very similar incident.

Basically it was permission problem within my registry key(s).

So I have to find which registry key(s) has permission problem.
(Registry key may be different for different users / PCs)

(1) Open a file "setupai.log" at C:\windows (use notepad or WordPad)

(2) Search a word for "denied"

(3) You will find which key is causing "Access denied" error.
My case was "HKCR\.rtf"(You may have different keys)

(4) Open "regedit.exe"

(5) Search for problem key. My case was "HKCR\.rtf"

(6) Check permission for this key.
My case was "Administrators" permission was set to "Read".
I changed to "Full Control"

(7) Try to SP3 update again...

(8) Success!!!!!

I was lucky (?) that only one registry key had problem.
Your case may be different.

Anyway, If you got "Access denied" error message,
Check permission for your registry key(s)

Good Luck!!!!

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