XP Security Center's Virus protection check and WD




I currently use McAfee 8.0i for my anti-virus, but have been running WD
since the beta was released.

Can WD satisfy the "virus protection" requirement of the security center
in Win XP? That is, if I uninstall McAfee, will the real-time scan of WD
keep the security center happy?

Two anti-virus programs isn't such a bad idea in terms of security,
because they seem to complement each other in terms of detection.
However, at some point, there's a performance hit in terms of on-access
scans (double scanning).




I'm not an expert on this issue, but I am sure the answer is NO!

First, WD will not identify itself to the Security Center as an AntiVirus
program, So the center will continue to warn you.

Second, WD is NOT an Antvirus program. You need to have an AntiVirus
It would be great and make sense to have an AnitiMalware program with a
database that identified both viruses and Ad/Spyware but this is not what WD
It would make sense though.

Geek w/o Portfolio.

Dave M

Tim is absolutely correct. Unless you have a suite consisting of both
Antivirus and Antispyware you are not protected on the net. McAfee calls
theirs Falcon or Total Protection by the way... if you want to check into
it. I'm not sure if it's out of Beta yet. Microsoft's competing suite is
called Windows Live One Care.... an AV which also includes Windows Defender
and a somewhat more competent firewall and tune-up/backup facility.


3. you should not run two antivirus programs on the same computer because
they will fight each other and cause your computer to go nuts :p




Correction. Sometimes it pays to be paranoid!

SOME (not all) AV tools may "fight" one another. I run a variety of threat
scanners in various combinations on my home systems and my office systems.
It keeps the bad guys on their toes ... and confuses the hell out of me. But
that is another matter altogether. ;-)

The system from which I am sending this tome currently has OneCare/Defender,
ewido, and Prevx installed. Other systems may include CA, Kaspersky,
BitDefender, Panda, Trend, and others. Symantec, however, is NEVER among my
choices, as I no longer can trust them -- nor should anyone.

Do I take a minor performance hit for running multiple scanners? Yes.

Do they "fight" amongst themselves? Absolutely not! (but you need to be
cautious on the mix you use).

Some may "disagree" for a brief period (when first installed). However,
they will soon "learn" to coexist. They should never "fight". You will have
to experiment on your own to find the perfect mix to suit your personal

I heartily recommend that business users and serious hobbyists run at least
TWO active AV tools and TWO "anti-spyweare" tools ... PLUS perform frequent
online scans from my Internet Security page (see footer).

Prevx will drive many people insane when they configure Event Notification
as active. A small popup will appear at the middle right edge of the display
for *EVERY* program, service, module, etc. that is loaded. I leave it
enabled when configuring a new system (call me anal retentive), but shut it
off so that my employees (BDEUs) don't pester me with stupid questions.

Always remember this ... using only one anti-threat tool is like checking to
see if a gun is unloaded by placing it in your mouth and pulling the trigger
several times.

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