Windows 7 Windows Security Center cant be opened

Nov 20, 2010
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Whenever I try to open Windows security center(WSC) on action center I get a message "Windows Security Center cant be started".I am using Windows 7.I have Microsft Security Essentials(MSE) as Antivirus.

I recently had a malware attack on my lap after which I was unable to run both MSE and Windows Defender(WD).I was able to get rid of them using MBAM.Unfortunately i dont have a log for it now.But even after gettin rid of those malwares I was not able to open my WSC as well as WD and MSE.

I tried changing WD and WSC and Microsoft Anti-Malware Service in services to automatic->Start but they automatically become disabled after 1-2 mins.

I then ran SPYBOT which gave the following log(attached)

I was then able to immunize it on spybot but still I am not able to access WSC,WD and MSE.

What should I do?Please help.I am losing my sleep over this :(

Thank you.


Master of Logic
Oct 3, 2008
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Do you know what Malware you ended up getting? Antivirus 2008/9/10 will cause EXE files and the like to stop functioning. In XP, you were required to download an application called RKILL.EXE and run it in Safe Mode to kill the process that loads this. Perhaps you may have a similar situation.

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