XP Pro Video Crash After SP2



Hello All,

I have rebuilt a PC using an Asus Mob and Firewire connections for the HDD.
All went well until I loaded SP2. The video would not load(black screen no
BSOD). When going to safe mode and uninstalling SP2 the PC would then boot
normally. SP2 does have the drivers for the video card(ATI 9200 se 128RAM).
Is the problem that its a firewire connection to the HDD that makes the
video crash or that it needs an updated driver? I had used this Mobo in
another unit and the video worked fine with the IDE connection and this Mobo
is working correctly. Is there something I'm missing? The Card is in the
AGP slot and worked fine prior to this.
Asus P7v880,512ddr,xp pro AMD 2.4ghz

Thanks for any response in Advance

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