Machine Check Exception 9c



When playing Doom 3 my computer will crash and display a BSOD with a Machine
Check Exception Error (code 9c). The system comprises of Athlon 64 3000+
CPU, 2 x 512 Mb PC 3200 Elixir RAM, 2 x 80 Gb Maxtor SATA HDs (RAID 0),
Leadtek GeForce 6800 GT 256 Mb AGP video card, Aureon fun 5.1 PCI soundcard,
MS Windows home SP2. Power supply is a 425W Hyper PSU. Computer is not
overclocked and BIOS memory settings are set to auto. Motherboard is an
Asus A8V deluxe flashed with the latest BIOS version (previous BIOS version
also this problem)

Seems to happen randomly whilst playing Doom 3, can be during what I would
describe as intensive graphics rendering or even on a menu screen; it has
never crashed whilst using the Windows desktop, Internet Explorer, MS Word
etc etc.

I have tried disabling AMD Cool and Quiet, enabled / disabled AGP fast
writes in the BIOS to no avail, tried various NVidia drivers (71.84, 77.72,
77.76 & 80.40) and the video card manufacturers driver version 77.50.

This system was stable when i used a GeForce 6600 video card but with the
6800 GT I keep getting the BSOD.

Any help in resolving this crash would be much appreciated.




Thanks for the advice. I had considered the PSU since the system was fine
with the 6600 and possibly the 6800 GT was drawing too much power. To
investigate I used a website that allows a system builders to calculate the
minimum PSU wattage for any given configuration; it came out that I needed
about 325 watts. Admittedly the website isn't going to be that accuarte but
at 325 watts even allowing for a relatively large error I believe my 425 PSU
is going to be adequate.

I am now going to play some other games to see if I get the same crash to
determine if it is specific to something that Doom 3 ius doing / requesting.



V Green

Andrew, just save yourself the time and get
the bigger PSU, unless you like this kind of trouble.
They're cheap.

And make sure it's a brand name, Antec or something. Forget about
all the blue LED's on the fan & other such crap.

Just being able to supply the required power does NOT mean that
that power is within spec...I have had, over the years, all types of weird
problems that were solved by better/bigger PSU's, all the way from
0xC0000005 Access Violations to no POST at all. Don't forget, hardware
PEAK demands can far exceed the AVERAGE demand as probably
calculated by the site you went to.

Your symptoms are CLASSIC lack of power.


Thanks I have a HIper 425W PSU. Should I go for greater than 500W then? (of
course going for a branded PSU as well).



Vance G

Buy as big and as high quality as you can afford. That
way you won't be replacing it again next time you upgrade.



Have ordered an OCS Modstream 520W PSU. This delivers 28A on the 12V rail
compared to 16A on my Hiper 425W PSU. The Antec option I had only gave 18A
on the 12V and some sources suggested this was sailing abit too close to the

Will update with further details once it is fitted and tested.



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