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I am looking to upgrade my video card. Currently looking at the Asus 6800
ultra and the MSI x800 Pro. Both seem to deliver greatly, but I think from
reading that Nvidia is inching ahead of ATI. If anyone has these cards, I
would appreciate your experiences and opinions. My mobo MSI MS-6702, AMD
3200+, 1 Gig Corsair DDR400, Maxtor 250 GIG times 3, and of course Windows
XP Pro SP2. Thanks in advance.


I have come across several instances where PCs have not run properly with ATI
cards but work fine with Nvidia.

If gaming is your thing then get the fastest one you can find: look at
magazines which test the cards and see their detailled analysis. ALso be
sure that your Mobo will support the new cards.


If you've read reviews of the new chips (and the old) both ATI and nVidia
have been neck and neck for a long time. Depending on the reviewer, one is
always slightly head of the other. That is CHIP WISE. Different card
manufactors have different ratings. I have usually stuck to nVidia name
brand cards - the phone service and on-line service has been superior than


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