Word to Excel: Export comments with text and line number

Jan 13, 2020
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Unfortunately, I have no idea about Macros and VBA and everything I find in the internet is half information so I hope someone can tell me step by step what to do:

For my master thesis, I commented on interview transcripts in Word.
To analyse further, I need to export the comments with the referred text and the line number (from word doc) to an excel spread sheet -
so 3 columns (line - comment - referred text) with one line per comment.

1) How do I start the process in word? I have word 2019. Under "View", there is a "Macros" option, I dont understand what to do once I inserted code
2) Which code do I have to type in (as far as I understood from my internet research, i need to enter a code)
3) Is there something more I have to do or does the excel open and create itself?

Thank you yo much for your help!


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