Comments changes as active cells changes


Sugar Land

I have an Excel spread sheet with thousands of lines with comments on every

When the cursor is on the cell (example: C3), I can see the comments. When
I return to the next line (C4) using “enter†or “down arrowâ€, I wish I could
see the comment for the next cell. The comment stays there and I have to use
the mouse to see the comments for the cell (C4).

Is there something I can do in Excel to activate that function? Or even a
macro (experts, need your help !!)

Sugar Land

additional info: The comments are big and "display all" is not helpful.

Thanks in advance, Matt

Jacob Skaria

Right click the sheet tab and View Code..In the code pane paste the below
code..and try in that sheet...

'Display comments on cell selection
Dim rngTemp As Range
Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not rngTemp Is Nothing Then rngTemp.Comment.Visible = False
If Not Target.Comment Is Nothing Then
Target.Comment.Visible = True
Set rngTemp = Target
End If
End Sub

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