Word prints some letters on top of each other



I am at a disadvantage in sending this because it is a problem a friend has,
so I only have her information from a telephone conversation. She has been
trying to print a document (using Word 2010 in Win 7) that has two columns,
tabs within the columns and printed in landscape. Her document looks fine
on screen, but it prints some strange-looking characters and will print some
letters (especially double "f") on top of each other. She says it also gets
worse when she prints additional copies. She has used the same procedure
for other documents with no problems, but she has spent many hours trying to
get this one to work. The document primarily shows titles of committees and
activites with names of committee coordinators.

She emailed the doc to me, and it looks fine on screen and prints with no
problems. I saved it as a new document and emailed that to her. Just as
with her own copy, the first attempt was "pretty good" but got worse with
each additional printing. She needs to print 35 copies for a group.

Can anyone help, based on this limited information?


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