Word normal.dotm changes not staying word 2007



Hi I am trying to change my normal.dotm template as when I open a new
document the font is too large and I want the view to be in draft or web
layout and changed from Print Layout.

I make the changes but cannot get them to stay for the life of me !!!

Thanks much!!

Stefan Blom

To change the font, you can make use of the Font dialog box (Ctrl+D); when
you are done, just click the Default button to transfer the settings to the
attached template.

To change the view and zoom, open normal.dotm as a file. For more, see
http://word.mvps.org/faqs/general/SaveViewAndZoom.htm. Also, remember to
enable the "Allow opening a document in Draft view" option in the Word
Options dialog box (Advanced category).

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