Word 2010 beta: Cannot save my Normal.dotm file



(I keep asking this question in the wrong place; maybe this is the right

Using the Word 2010 beta on Win7. I cannot save my Normal.dotm file - at
least not usefully. I can open the file, edit it, add macros to it, whatever,
and it will save (in the folder directory, the .dotm file will show a change
in file size). But when I close Word, or if I open a new document in Word, the
Normal.dotm file is reset to the default, losing any changes I've made.

I can save and use other .dotm templates; but not the default Normal.dotm


No, this is my person home computer; the file is saved on my harddrive, and I
have full permissions. (I tried editing it while running Word as an
administrator; didn't help...)
Oct 11, 2012
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I am not able to save a .dotm file locally. and Yes i am in a corporate network. What should I do?

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