normal.dotm in a domain


Russ Green

Can someone please give me a foolproof way of sorting this out.

With my office 2003 setup all my templates including resided in a
read only folder on the server and via GP in the domain pointed workgroup
and user templates to this location.

I know lots of users on this newsgroup would not be happy becuase they could
save their customisations but in my case that isn't an issue. Whats more
important is that the default blank document contains my corporate text
styles. We have a lot of templates but I do need there styles to exist in and not be changed (broken) by users.

After upgrading to 2007 I created the normal.dotm in the template share and
it works most of the time except I intermittenly get errors about
normal.dotm being read only and changes cannot be saved. Exactly what I'm
trying to protect. I have learnt from this NG that this is not how word is

So, whats the solution? How can I be sure that when a user starts a new
blank document and types some text using our corporate Heading style it is
in fact in our corporate colour and not another colour becuase they updated
their normal.dotm file in the last session?

Is it possible (i can't see the setting) to allow users to have their own
normal.dotm but set word to start new blank documents from my server version
of the normal.dotm?


Russ Green

Yeah I get that....although it used to work withot error in if
every user has of their own how do I make sure they that with my and they don't mess up my styles? Is it possible to have all
new blank documents start from another shared template (say

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