Word 2007 - prompt for personal info on save



In Word 2003 I was able to have the 'personal information' screen pop up when
I saved a document for the first time. In Word 2007 I found where to remove
the information - but I cannot get it to 'prompt' me on save -- the button
under the privacy options - document inspector is always grayed. I read this
set of instructions: I too am having this problem of not being able to set
Word 2007 to 'prompt' me for the personal info on save like it did in 2003. I
read this response to another post, but my button still remained grayed out:
"The Remove personal information from properties on save check box is grayed
out until the first time you run the Document Inspector with the Document
Properties and Personal Information check box checked and click Remove All.
At that point the check box is automatically checked. If you don't clear the
check box, document properties will not be saved on subsequent revisions and
saves. "

Now, apparently I'm missing something in them because it still will not
'ungray' after the remove all. I am in Office 2007 for home and student -- xp
pro sp3

I want to know how to 'ungray' that box so that I will be prompted for the
info upon saving -- just like it used to do in Word 2003.

Please help.


Well ratz! Suzanne - that's not the answer I wanted to read :) I do
appreciate you taking the time to respond though and now I can stop wasting
my time scouring the net for the answer.
Thanks again

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