Remove personal information from file properties on save



In Word 2003 it was easy to remove personal information from file properties
on save. In Word 2007, however, I'm having a heck of a time with this. First
of all, the check box "Remove personal information from file properties on
save" under the Privacy Options within the "Trust Center Settings" is grayed
out. Secondly, the Document Inspector, all it does is remove everything.

Is there any way to make comments and changes made with "track changes"
anonymous in Word 2007 without having to remove the comments or changes
themselves? I'm using Windows XP.

Many thanks.


I also tried to remove the personla information from the properties but as
you said the option is grayed out. I found another way of doing it, bu this
you have to do each time you save a new file. Save your file and then go to
Office button -> Prepare -> Inspect Document -> Inspect for document
properties and personal information. From there you can remove it. You have
to do this for each and every file. I hope this helps. Plz rate my post.

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