remove personal info in Word 2000 docs?



Bit of a problem with personal info in Word docs that I handle on my XP Home
laptop, which only has Word 2000.

I get two different kinds of properties sheets: a three tab simple version
if I right click on the file, but a much more detailed one if I open
properties from the file menu, which contains a lot more info than I knew
was circulating with the file.

Surprised to find that the Tools/Options dialogue does not contain a
security/private info tab, so I can't find anywhere to remove personal
info/versions/hidden etc on save.

How do I clean up docs in Word 2000?




Thanks Jay, I'll take a look.

I think the real problem is when someone sends me files made with later
versions, and mine doesn't show all the metadata that comes with them, so
I'm not aware I'm passing it on.



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