Word 2003: Section breaks & page formatting



I have a Word 2003 document with 5 sections. Sections 1,2,3 are in portrait.
Section 4 is in landscape. Section 5 returns to portrait. When doing a
print preview, all formatting appears to be correct. But when I print, the
1st page of Section 5 prints in a reduced font in landscape formatting. I
have looked at all page and print settings and can't seem to find where the
issue is located. I have tried removing section breaks and reinserting them.

Help! Any thoughts on what is causing this issue?

Stefan Blom

Are you tracking changes? Or are there comments in the document? In either of these two cases, Word might be reserving space for the so-called balloons.


In Section 4, when you go into Page Setup, what size paper does it say is
assigned to the page? If it's set to something other than 8.5 x 11 (such as
11 x 17, for example), your printer might be reducing the page to a size it
can print on the paper it's loaded with.

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