Landscape & Portrait Layouts on 1 Bookfold



To the fantastic person who can help:

I have a mailer layout to be printed; 4 pages to 1 double sided 11x17 page.
The first three pages are landscape, with their respective section breaks.
The fourth page is a portrait layout.
The landscape pages print their 8.5x11 so the 11" is along the 11" for the
11x17. But the portrait, prints the 8.5" along the 11". As confusing as this
sounds, it is visual self-explained.
I have tried printing 2 to 1 page in both Landscape & Portrait via print
properties. I cannot change page 4 to a landscape layout because it would
alter the "linked" graphics on the page.

So again, first side of the 11x17, the 2 landscaped 8.5x11 are stacked
properly. But the other side displays page 4(portrait layout) differently;
the 3rd landscaped page is proper, but the 4th portrait is printed straight

Please help!!!
Word 2003.


Peter T. Daniels

I absolutely cannot follow your explanation ... but would it be
possible to set this up not as 4 pages, but as 2 pages (front and
back), and you just arrange the 4 "pages" in your file as you want
them to appear in the printout?


If I understand your question: you have a 4 page document, broken by
sections, with each setting having a portrait or landscape orientation (File
Page Setting). You then use a feature of your printer to print 2 pages per
sheet onto an 11x17 paper. If you have a program like Publisher, I would
suggest you use it for this type of layout. However, here’s how you can fool
Word into printing your document.

Make sure your document is pointing to a printer that has tabloid size
(11x17) paper capacity. On the document, change your layout settings to:
File > Page Setting > 11 x 17 and make it Landscape orientation. Then draw 2
tables (Table > Draw) per page. Click in the first table > right click > Text
Direction > change to the one that will make it look landscape. Paste your
document in the table and it should appear in landscape orientation. Repeat
in the other 2 boxes. In the final box (the one you want to appear portrait,
leave as it with the default portrait setting. Once you’ve adjusted your
margins so everything prints correctly, get rid of the table lines.

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