Deleting Sections in Word 2k7



I want to know how to delete a section, yet still keep the formatting from
the previous section intact.

Case in point. I have a 2 page document. Section 1 is in Landscape, with
widened print margins to accommodate a larger object for printing. (Table)
Section 2 is in portrait orientation. They both have headders, however they
are different sizes to line up with their copy/table. Now i realize i don't
need section 2, so i want to delete the section break and only have section
1. The problem is when i delete the section break and page 2, section 1 is
now in portrait orientation and all the margins are screwed up, even if i
switch back to landscape. Is there a way to keep section 1 while deleting
section two?

I've tried cutting the section break, i've tried deleting all of pg 2, but
the section break on pg 1, then delete the SB, however it all goes to section
2 formatting, for page 1. i can't understand why MSWord would want to do
that. Help please.





Jay Freedman

The method really is the same as the procedure described in "If you
really want to delete the temporary section break ..." on that page.
The only difference is how you open the dialog mentioned in step 3. In
Word 2007, go to the Page Layout tab of the ribbon and click the
little button in the lower right corner of the Page Setup group.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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