Word Word 2003: Macro to Detect Changes

Aug 9, 2012
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Can any help with getting a macro to detect when a word document has been changed?

I am trying to automate the publishing and revision process of reports, made using Word 2003 . I have a 'publish' button on a bespoke tool bar which makes a copy 'read only' file incorporating the date and revison letter in to the file name and prints a pdf copy (although the user has to complete the pdf process). I then want to detect when the document has been changed, so that a watermark is added indicating that the document have been altered but not yet issued.

I can get macros working to ensure 'track changes' is turned on and off as appropriate and create the appropiate watermark is added but I can not get a reliable means of detecting, within a macro, if changes have been made since the last publication (or last saved would do). I tried putting a 'DOCPROPERTY Bytes ' field in the document and reading that in to the macro but that did not detect when, for example, when a 1 became a 2.

Any ideas how I can access the variable Word uses to show the "Save Changes" box when closing a changed document?

Many thanks



Mar 20, 2012
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I'm not good with Word VBA at all, but would it be possible to have the first edit add the watermark, and then have the publish button remove it? I couldn't tell you how to do that, but it's just a thought, you seem to have a grasp of VBA above my own. Good Luck!

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