Word 2003 Insert Hyperlink problem



I'm trying to create an index in Word that links to files on a mapped drive.
This list will be maintained by us and sent periodically to others, who are
on a different network, but who have the same drive mapping. So, if a file
is P:\files\file.pdf for us, it will be P:\files\file.pdf for them.

When I select Insert->Hyperlink, browse to the file via the mapped drive
letter, and select the file, when I click OKAY, the address in the hyperlink
automatically changes to the unc path. It does this if I type it in as
well. This is very annoying. I don't want it to do that. I want it to
remain as I typed it. Obviously, \\ourservername\mappedfolder will be
different than \\theirservername\mappedfolder so the UNC is worthless. I
need the drive letter.

Can somebody help me make this work?


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