Preserving hyperlinks in word documents when emailing them?


John John

Version of Word: Microsoft Word 2003
Version of Outlook: Microsoft Outlook 2003

Problem: Three types of hyperlinks get placed in a word document: hyperlinks
to websites, hyperlinks to email addresses, and hyperlinks to other files
located on a company network shared drive. The word document then gets
mailed to the other employees in the company. The other workers open the
email, open the word document. The hyperlinks to the websites and the email
addresses still work, but the hyperlinks to the other files located on the
shared drive do not. Why is this and what can be done about it? Any help
would be appreciated.



Samantha Cox

You didn't say if there was an error message associated with the problem.

As a starting point, use Windows Explorer to check that the recipients of
the email can also manually get to the location where the file is stored and
open it, to make sure there isn't a rights and permissions issue to the
actual location.

If that works, perhaps the user who created the document had a drive letter
associated with the physical location of the file they hyperlinked eg they
have mapped a drive called MyCompany\MyFiles to their own H:\ ... and then
made a hyperlink to H:\MyDocument.doc, and the recipients don't have a drive
mapped to that letter, but could locate the document at
MyCompany\MyFiles\MyDocument.doc. Trying using the full explicit path to the
document in the hyperlink if this turns out to be the problem.

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