Web Hyperlinks to internal MS Word Hyperlinks



For a website conversion to a doc file using MS Word 2003 on PC: I’ve
cut and paste the website text to a doc file. I need to convert
website hyperlinks to internal Word hyperlinks – where site links go
to other pages online, I now need them to go to other locations in the
doc file.

1. Is there a standard syntax I can use to convert a hyperlink to
point to a location in the Word file? Eg. redirect www.example.com/test
to point to a heading like “The First Test”.

2. If there is no standard syntax, I’ve been advised to reveal field
codes and do a find and replace for each hyperlink. I’ve got about 80
individual hyperlinks repeated thousands of times in a large file. Is
there a way to do this in bulk? A find and replace macro for multiple

3. In testing, I did a trial find and replace for a single hyperlink.
That worked, and all locations in the doc became properly functioning
internal Word hyperlinks. Then I updated fields and the modified
hyperlinks became relative links. "Update links on save" is unchecked
in the web options. Any suggestions on how to avoid this?



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