Return from a bookmark to its related hyperlink in the same doc?



I have a hyperlink to a bookmark in the same document. Once I've activated
the hyperlink and Word has taken me to the bookmark location, how do I return
to the hyperlink location that I started at? Here's what I'm doing...I've
created a hyperlink for a glossary term in the doc. When I click on the
hyperlink, it takes me to the bookmarked definition in the glossary at the
end of the doc. When I'm done reading the defintion, is there any easy way
to navigate back to where the hyperlink is in the doc?

I've tried Ctrl+F5, but that takes me back to the last place my cursor was
and does not recognize the hyperlink as that place. I've also tried creating
a link out of the defined term and a bookmark out of the original
hyperlink...which works but that could be labor intensive as the glossary


Yves Dhondt

Use the browser back button. If I'm not mistaken ALT+LEFT is the shortcut
for it. I know it isn't displayed on the ribbon anywhere, but you can add it
to the QAT. Under all commands, just look for 'Back'.


Suzanne S. Barnhill

The command you want to look for is WebGoBack (which is Alt+Left), as
distinct from GoBack (which is Shift+F5).

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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