Wireless USB mouse looses wheel double click in XP



My mouse has lost the ability to double click from the wheel in Windows

I have tried three different Microsoft wireless USB mice, all with the
same problem. I am currently using a Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse
Explorer. I have tried a Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 and a Wireless
Optical Mouse 5000.

I tried a wired USB mouse and had the same problem (a Sysgration mouse
that came with my Gateway desktop.)

I plugged an old Logitech PS2 mouse and don't have this problem -
double clicking works from the wheel of the Logitech PS2 mouse.

Windows recognizes my Microsoft wireless USB mice as "HID-compliant
mouse", driver version 5.1.2600.0 (7/1/2001).

I don't see any problems in Device Manager or System Information

I have tried the following:

Plugged the mouse into different USB ports.
Re-assigning the mouse button mappings (i.e. left, right, and double
click) in the Intellipoint/Microsoft Mouse software.
Tried two more recent versions of Microsoft Intellipoint (mouse driver)
software, including 6.1, the most recent.
Uninstalled (and automatically reinstalled) Universal Serial Bus
Controllers, USB Mass Storage Drivers, and USB Root Hubs in Device
Uninstalled (and automatically reinstalled) human interface devices in
Device Manager.
Downloading a more recent C:\Windows\System 32\Drivers\mouhid.sys
driver file.
Scanned with Norton Internet Security 2007, Spybot, and Ad-Aware.
Selecting different mouse models in Microsoft Intellipoint software.
Running mouse and USB troubleshooters in Windows.
Reducing hardware acceleration in Windows.
Running in safe mode.

I have not found any relevant messages in any newsgroups or knowledge

Another strange symptom I just noticed is that my mouse seems to be
grabbing the focus in menu items. For example, if my mouse pointer is
hovering on the desktop to the upper right of the Start menu and I
press the Windows key on my keyboard, the menu item closest to the
mouse pointer is automatically selected.

After lurking in newsgroups for many years, this is my first posting.
Thanks for any help.





David Vair

Have you gone to the mouse propeties in the control panel and assigned double click to the middle
mouse? I have a wired Intellimouse Explorer and by default the middle mouse button is set to Next
Window as the default action.

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