USB Optical Wireless Mouse and Anti-Virus Software



I have an issue with anti Virus softwares' and MS wireless optical mouse. I
installed paid Kaspersky together MS Essential. Both monitors my laptop Dell
D600 continuously (resident). The laptop slow down considerable to a point the
wireless optical mouse's buttons become almost unless. Further, starting and
shutting down took longer. The situations improve without the 200Gb external
USB hard drive.

Dell D600 has two USB ports and I need three USB ports. I attach the wireless
mouse either to a PMIC USB port or powered USB hub. I even tried without
external USB ports and 200Gb HD still the wireless mouse's buttons are less than
70% efficient.

Should I junk the wireless mouse and get a P/S mouse, config Kaspersky
differently or maybe a patched for the MS wireless optical mouse, USB or
whatever? Any suggestion or advice greatly appreciate.


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