Wireless IP Network Camera and 2Wire 2700



I have a Sony SNC-P5 Camera, 2Wire 2700hgv modem router from BT, and a
PC connected to the internet.

At the moment, the 2wire is on ip PC is and
Camera is

I have a static IP, which we will call 213.xx.xx.xx

I can view the camera on the internal network with no problems at all,
by opening a browser and browsing to

In the camera settings I can choose what port to use for video and what
one for audio. I have chosen 5000 and 5002 respectively. I can also
choose whether to use TCP or UDP and Unicast or Multicast. I have TCP
and Unicast.

If I choose multicast, I then need to put an address for the multicast

I have then tried to open TCP and UDP ports 5000 - 5010 on the 2Wire
gateway modem thing. I tried a port scanner and they are still showing
as blocked!?!?

What I'm trying to do is access the camera from the internet...

I obviously need to forward ports etc, but how do I do it?? Do I need
to forward a port from the router to the internal address of the camera
OR forward the ip address of the camera to the router port!?!?

Really cant get my head round it.... as I said... working fine within
the wireless network but not at all out to the net.

Running Windows XP... and I've turned the Microsoft firewall off.




Doug Sherman [MVP]

"Do I need to forward a port from the router to the internal address of the

Yes. Probably the port you need to map is TCP 80. How you do it is product
specific - consult your router manual.

Doug Sherman

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