WinXP how to receive fax with PC wakeup and auto forward as email



Ok - here's a challenge for you all: How do I set up my Win XP Pro SP3 PC at
home so that when a fax comes in on my fax phone line that goes to a modem
card in the PC, it wakes up the PC, the PC receives the fax and then the PC
forwards it automatically by email to two or three pre-designated email

To make this worse, I'm not sure what I mean by "wake up" the PC. I
understand there are varied levels of reduced power consumption, and I'm not
sure how low I can go so that the PC is still "wakeable" fast enough to
receive the fax. On this score, I might be a bit ahead of the game because
the PC is a newish Dell Optiplex 755 with built-in ASF and (if I turn it back
on) AMT. (I don't know what ASF or AMT mean, although they sort of sound like
a cup of coffee for a PC at rest.)

On this PC, I prefer to use MS Outlook Express for email although I could
turn on my Outlook if strictly necessary or install a different email
program. (I have Outlook Express 6 and Outlook 2003. I could try to install
Outlook 2000, but I'd rather not.)

Can you tell I'm somewhere between a newbie and a home intermediate? Please
do throw technical lingo at me, but I'll need it translated into English and
then granular step-by-step instructions.


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