Receive fax on the fax system as well as your PC



I'm currently faced with the issue of receiving fax on my fax system as well
as on my PC using Fax software on Windows XP (Fax Console). The goal is to
view my received faxes online (currently I've achieved this using WinFax

Currenlty I can receive and send faxes from my PC. I'm also able to receive
fax and print it to the fax (All in One Fax, Printer, Scanner, Copier)

I missed couple of pages of the fax when I received it through WinFax, so
I'd like to get the fax to my system and also have it on my PC at the same
time. I tried to use a telephone splitter but it doesn't work since the
either my PC beats to the fax or my fax system depending on the setting.

My fax machine is HP 6210, I run Windows XP Pro with WinFax software. Thank
you in advance for any responses.


The problem is that the fax can only be received by one fax modem or fax
machine at a time.
There is no way around this that I'm aware of.


the only way it to have to different fax lines and numbers and have everyone
send to both which most wont bother to do,

or to ring everyone back and say send it again, and be ready to receive it
on the other device,

third option is to scrap all that stuffing around and use a fax/email
service like Mbox means your paying for it but I think it would provide the
versatility that BB is looking for

mBox Unified Messaging (UM)...
mBox unified messaging service combines and delivers email, voicemail and
facsimile to an internet based, mBox webmail account or to a standard email
application. mBox can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a standard
Faxes and voicemail will appear in your email inbox as an attachment, this
can be viewed or heard online on the desk top.


Thank you all for the responses. From your responses and further
investigation I found the below,

I did some more research and it turns out that HP 6210 is PC Fax (Send only)
compatibile. I should be looking at fax system which are PC Fax (Send and
Receive compatibile).

The product like Brother MFC8840D Multifunction Center can be used for PC
Fax (Send and receive). They are expensive from my point of view but they do
the trick. If I find some products which are less expensive and do that trick
I'll let you know.

The alternative is to use third party services as suggested (efax, equisys
etc). Vonage (VoIP service in US) is planning on coming up with free online
fax service if we buy their fax line), something to watch for.



Brother MFC 5440, 5880 does this work. They use USB for fax receive and don't
have Ethernet fax receive.


If you have a Vodafone mobile prepaid account, you can receive faxes on it,
and then read /download them online. Would this do the job for you?

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