Forwarding physical fax to email with SCX-4216F?



I am writing you about the issue that we are not sure that it is

We have in our firm Samsung Fax SCX-4216F. We have connected our Fax
with PC via USB and LPT connection.

We have SMAR THRU 3 installed on PC.

Is it possible with SMAR THRU to receive fax via email.

For example is it possible to enable option after we receive fax
physicaly at SCX that SCX also forward that received fax to our email
automaticly with SMAR THRU 3?

I have find in the help of the software option FAX GATE (where it says
that FAX GATE enables sending and receiving faxes) but I couldn't find
more data about the receiving and forwarding of the FAX via email at
our comp.

Is that possible?

Hal Hostetler [MVP S/U]

I looked through the SMAR THRU 3 user manual
506/20050628094519687_SmarThru3_englsih.pdfand) and I don't see anything
that indicates it will send received faxes to email, so I guess the answer
is probably no. In any event, that would have to be done by the SMAR THRU 3
application, nothing native to Windows XP knows how do anything with Faxes
other than place them in the Fax Console Inbox.

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