Fax receive problem



I've looked all over the net and can't find a reason why I'm having
receiving problems with my fax modems..

Basically we have 3 fax lines at work.. one of them is a Netcomm fax/modem
using Microsoft Fax, one is a KTX fax/modem using Snappy Fax Server, and the
other is a Kyocera FAX machine

I assumed everything was going fine with the computer fax/modem's until I
got the fax machine because I noticed that there were quite a few receive
errors each day but attributed them to the sending fax machines (usual send

This doesn't seem to be the case because the Kyocera fax machine (which is
pretty good btw) seems to receive and send just fine .. however if I send
from the kyocera to the snappy fax computer it "appears" to go thru just
fine from the sender but at the other end only the very top of the page got
through - about an inch (and it prints out landscape -- weird!)
If I send to the Microsoft Fax number it also "appears" to go through just
fine at the sender but on the computer receiving it comes up with receiving
fax failed.

Any ideas.. I'm ready to try anything because I'm pretty sure I've already
tried everything.. Snappy fax server is the latest version, all drivers are
latest version for fax/modem's (even most recent is a coupla years old) and
I've adjusted number of rings, etc.. no difference!

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