SBS 2008 Win XP Fax cover sheets not showing up correctly


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Hello everyone....

We just setup a Windows SBS 2008 Server and we connected all the Windows XP
Clients to the new domain. I had a few problems but all in all, it went

However we are having a small problem that I can't seem to find a solution

I connected the servers shared fax manually by specifying the path to the
fax printer on the server. We can send and receieve faxes now except for
one problem.

We edited all the cover sheets and we copied them to the users documents
folder and then we went to tools and choose "Personal cover pages". Then we
clicked on copy and copied the edited cover pages into our list of cover

We renamed them to be certain that we are using the edited version of the
cover page.

After all of that, I searched the servers hard drives for *.cov as well as
the local PC and I replaced all the default cover pages with our edited

Now the problem: When we try to send a faz, NONE of our edited cover sheets
show up in the list of cover sheets as we run the fax wizard. I just can't
find out where the fax wizard is getting the list of cover sheets from. Is
it in cache some where?

Even if we delete the list of cover sheets in Personal cover pages, the
default list of Cover sheets still shows up as we run the fax wizard. I
can't seem to clear the cover sheets from the fax wizard and force it to use
our edited ones.

Can anyone help me with this problem?
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SBS 2008 Saves the files on the server here....

c:\programdata\microsoft\windows nt\msfax\common coverpages\

We had to deposit our edited files into this folder in order to see them in
the send fax wizard.

I hope microsoft fixes this problem as it sure seems to be a bug in the


Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Just curious. Which fax program are you running on the Server? What makes
you think this is a bug?

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