WinXP how to receive fax with PC wakeup and auto forward as email



Ok - here's a challenge for you all: How do I set up my Win XP Pro SP3 PC at
home so that when a fax comes in on my fax phone line that goes to a modem
card in the PC, it wakes up the PC, the PC receives the fax and then the PC
forwards it automatically by email to two or three pre-designated email

To make this worse, I'm not sure what I mean by "wake up" the PC. I
understand there are varied levels of reduced power consumption, and I'm not
sure how low I can go so that the PC is still "wakeable" fast enough to
receive the fax. On this score, I might be a bit ahead of the game because
the PC is a newish Dell Optiplex 755 with built-in ASF and (if I turn it back
on) AMT. (I don't know what ASF or AMT mean, although they sort of sound like
a cup of coffee for a PC at rest.)

On this PC, I prefer to use MS Outlook Express for email although I could
turn on my Outlook if strictly necessary or install a different email
program. (I have Outlook Express 6 and Outlook 2003. I could try to install
Outlook 2000, but I'd rather not.)

Can you tell I'm somewhere between a newbie and a home intermediate? Please
do throw technical lingo at me, but I'll need it translated into English and
then granular step-by-step instructions.



The wake up settings are in the Bios
It depends on the Fax Program you are using as to whether there are any
options to forward a fax, automatically or not as an email
Any email program would have to be open before any created mail is sent


Dear DL: You must have a bad cold like me to be up so early. Thanks for
fast answer.

So far, I am using Microsoft Fax Console 5.1, and my PC has a BCM V.90 56K
Modem. But if you recommend a different program for these purposes, I'd
certainly take a look. Microsoft Fax Console 5.1. has the ability to take an
existing received fax and manually forward it by email: Fax Console - Inbox
- Select the fax - right-click - Mail To...

How to make this automatic with one or more pre-designated email recipients?

As to wake-up in BIOS, that's a bit scary. Any basic guides?

Thanks again.


Diane Poremsky [MVP]

you'd need to script it or integrate fax with outlook.

Have you looked at the bios settings in your computer? they aren't scary -
just hit the proper F-key to enter set up as the computer reboots and that
takes you into the bios. It's usually F1, F2 or F8 but varies with the
manufacturer - it's usually listed on the boot screen.

However - if this is going to be a routine occurrence an internet fax
service would be a better option. You can send the tiff or pdf to multiple
email addresses or look at them online. I use RingCentral (also does voice
mail) and previously used Send2Fax but there are many other services. See

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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"Diane Poremsky [MVP] wrote: you'd need to script it or integrate fax with

Ms. Poremsky - Please send me any links or how-to's for the above. For the
moment would like to keep my fax line and forward the incoming faxes by
email. Doing manually now but would be great to script what I'm doing.

Thanks again.


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